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   This server is administrated by K (T. Kawaguchi) who is the owner of the server machine.
Web and Anonymous ftp area on this server are provided for K's friends free of charge.

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EREHWON is the name of K's private conversation room on NIFTY SERVE which is a commercial BBS in Japan.  This web site was made as a place of EREHWON member's works to dispatch - such as CG arts, CGI and Freeware/Shareware for Mac, Newton, Unix.  It also has a private directory "MembersOnly" for the EREHWON member's amusements where are lots of Photos, Sounds and QT & RealMedia Movies of Japanese Idols and Animations.

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This Web & Anonymous FTP site is a place of introducing useful Freeware/Shareware for Macintosh.  If you are an author of software for Mac and if you are a person of character :-) who is searching your Web and/or Anon ftp area, please feel free to email me, I would like to lend you some space on this server free of charge.  Here is my profile in English and in Japanese.

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